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Corporate Chair Massages
This is perfect for companies who want to treat their employees! Your company would pay for a therapist or a group of therapists, and we'll come out for the massage.

In-Home Massage
Ten- to 15-minute massages are available in your home as well. We'll come to your home with the table rather than a chair and do the massage in the privacy of your living room.

Hotel Guest Massage
Speak with the concierge at your hotel about a massage, and we'll come to your room for therapeutic massage services.

Pamper Parties
Get a group of your girlfriends together for a pamper party. We'll send a massage therapist, an esthetician, and a nail tech for a day of relaxation.

We'll come to your home with fresh linens, towels, music, and candles to give you a full spa experience right in your own home. We can even do a complete detox body wrap. At Atlantic Corporate Massage LLC, we're bringing the spa experience to you.

This is massage through the hands or feet. In these areas, you have different points that all relate to different organs in the body. There are certain areas of the foot where we could work on a problem in another part of the body by applying pressure on those areas. This is one of the services that is available with the corporate chair massage. In just 5 or 10 minutes, you'll feel better than ever.

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massage services from corporate massage to reflexology.